Prep School Graduate

Wedding-Rorys Grad 035Wedding-Rorys Grad 040 Wedding-Rorys Grad 037 Wedding-Rorys Grad 030 shirt, Ralph Lauren Blue Label; skirt, H&M; purse, Marc Jacobs; scarf, Vintage; shoes, Office

My little brother Rory graduated from his prep school into the upper school. It was a fairly interesting ceremony, lots of boring principle speeches and graduating boys giving cute speeches. I decided to dress the part, considering the school takes pride in blue, but I also decided to dress all preppy and such. I completely fell in love with this shirt when I saw in on the rack. It was a few years ago now and I have only worn it a handful of times. The ruffles are sweet and fun, and make for a fun outfit.

Lately I have been absolutely in loveee with vintage scarf's. I bought a few more recently and I cannot stop tying them around my head, neck and bags. They are the perfect summer accessory.

I will have a few more post in July before I go completely MIA for a few weeks!


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