Can I Make You Hungry?

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I think another blog is in the near future… or maybe not. I do not know about you but my mouth is still watering as a look over these pictures. Playing with my camera has been a blast since I got it, but recently I am actually figuring out how to use it!

My family is all about the “show” when it comes to food. My mom is obviously in the restaurant and chocolate business but it does not stop there.Food making and presentation is so important to us, oh and the eating too. When we go to our cottage we make meals that are unforgettable. There are certain dishes that are only ever made at my cottage, don’t ask why, its just how it is! Pie is my moms speciality, ohmygoodness, every one of them is delicious – blueberry, raspberry rhubarb, pumpkin, peach! The rib dinner was Rory’s pre-camp dinner along with the lemon linguine, yum! The French Toast is my thing, one of the few things I can actually do!

Hopefully you are quickly heading to the closest food source and grabbing yourself a snack after reading this! I know I am…


PS. can you spot the mysterious kitty?

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