The Camel Express

Spring 003Spring 020Spring 022Spring 027Spring 033 Spring 035Spring 038Spring 043 Spring 046Spring 060  coat, value village; sweater, Ralph Lauren; jeans, Topshop; boots, Boutique9; bag, Jost (I don’t know what’s on Jess, she looks adorable though)

That’s my lovely friend Jessi… we had some fun together. We went on an ultimate treasure hunt through value village. We found some serious keepers as shown above. But actually, I almost brought home too much. $50 later I had 7 items that I could not leave behind. Brutal.

The camel coat I am wearing I purchased for $15 at value village in December. It was too cold to really wear it so I broke it out for spring. It’s fits me in a really nice way, although it is very long for a trench coat.  It looks like I was ready to go riding…

I am loving this blogging thing, next goal: FOLLOWERS!

- M

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