Alien Ferns

Wow! I am sorry it has been way, way too long! I am currently in the process of creating some outfit post with photos from the last few weeks. As well if you have commented, I will be replying soon! Thank you for all your sweet support!
I have had a crazy few weeks of school, last Friday was prom so all energy went in to that. Hope everyone is enjoy their spring! It is getting greener and greener outside – so excited for summer time.
Come back tomorrow and check out some pretty posts :)
- M


  1. Can't wait for tomorrow's post! :)
    Haha, enjoy your spring!

    Trendy Teal

  2. Hey Montana,

    Thank you for your lovely comment! We've just started our blog so we appreciate any feedback!
    We'll be creating some really cute DIY's coming up so we hope you check it out again.
    Which part of Canada are you from?

    Take care xx
    Carly and Stacie



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