Sea Blue, Sea Green

UK 1952UK 1953UK 1954

UK 1986UK 1992  dress, sweater and purse, Topshop; pearls, vintage; tights, Hue; boots, Brown’s

Very, very fun night out with my mom! She took the photo’s too.. which was somewhat embarrassing. The dress and sweater I just bought that day. I have not taken off the sweater – it is SO cool. I love when I fall in love with clothing. It is so fun!  This look was what I would like to call, very London.

And yes I am now back at school.. blah. Things are already piling up. It’s almost crunch time – I can smell it. The snow is finally melting its way off the streets. The sun is out and I am feeling a little brighter.

Also – this week is Toronto Fashion Week. My friend Christian is taking me on Thursday night to see some shows! Oh so very excited. It’s not the best but it is pretty damn cool!

Happy Spring!!

- M

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